Monday, 24 February 2020

IESF International Esports Referee Academy Underway as Trainees Arrive

■ Excitement as the first batch of IESF International Referee Academy trainees arrive in Busan


Classes will be officially started for IESF’s International Esports Referee Academy tomorrow in the sea-side metropolis of Busan, South Korea.

IESF believes the academy will go a long way to ensuring high standards for the refereeing of future events in the international Esports arena.

IESF President Colin Webster believes referees to be the “front-line of IESF member federations”. Trainees in Busan will hear more from Mr. Webster as he brings his thirty years of industry experience to the referee academy program as a trainer.

Joining Colin are veteran international Esports referees Sungwon Lee and Seonghee Sinnara Bae. Between them, the pair contribute over 20 years of national and international Esports refereeing experience to the course.

Trainees arrived at IESF’s Global R&D Center in the Busan Cultural Complex Center optimistic about a future in Esports and excited to get started.

Sungwon Lee lectures the first section of the course. His classes about referee theory, the roles of the referee, and the qualifications and requirements for an international Esports referee will be a key part of the session’s curriculum.

■ IESF International Esports Referee Academy

The International Esports Referee Academy is one of three pillars of the Global Esports R&D Center, located in Busan, South Korea. With the continued support of the City of Busan and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA), the Global Esports R&D Center has been working to strengthen the Esports ecosystem and foster the evolution of the industry since 2018.

International Esports Referee Academy is dedicated to the development of standards and working to increase the expertise of national and international Esports referees in order to support the integrity of Esports, and to contribute to the success of athletes, teams, and events on the world stage.