Monday, 30 March 2020

Worldwide Opportunities for Esports explored with UAE

∎ Esports to explore opportunity on 4IR


International Esports Federation (IESF) President and Board Members joined a working lunch invited by Badr Al-Olama, who is an accomplished leader & entrepreneur who has really raised the debate globally around the fourth industrial revolution.

IESF’s Board Member and President discussed with Badr Al-Olama about Mubadala Investment Company Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) and Global Manufacturing & Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) along with how Esports and IESF should also contribute to the debate on 4IR, blockchain, and AI. 

A very positive dialogue with both parties determined to explore opportunities to collaborate on these key narratives.

∎ Strengthen ties in Abu Dhabi

IESF’s President and Board Members were invited to the United Arab Emirates by His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahayan, a Board member of IESF, who is also President of Asian Chess.

Sheikh Sultan has provided insight on a strategy to broaden the dialogue with stakeholders and support global harmonization of Esports. As part of this strategy, Sheikh Sultan hosted a high-level meeting in Abu Dhabi between Esports World Governing Body & FIDE World Chess President Arkady Dvorkovich. Presidents from both parties held extensive discussions on a number of issues and agreed to further discuss opportunities in which promotes the message of solidarity in the sports movement. 

President Colin Webster “ The Esports World Governing Body, IESF is extremely grateful to Sheikh Sultan for hosting the Board in Abu Dhabi. His hospitality and insights are truly appreciated. The UAE is a wonderful country and we were all made to feel extremely welcome here, the vision of the nation is also a source of inspiration. Our meet with President Dvorkovich was very positive indeed, we will continue to hold further discussions with FIDE on those key issues, foster closer ties and engage in areas of collaboration.IESF is a global non-profit body that started 2020 with over 60 member federations, we anticipate quite a few more welcome additions to our family by the end of the year. Being established in 2008 IESF will be a teenager soon, whereas President Arkady FIDE will be hitting a century in 2024, the road is very long and although we are taking it one step at a time we cannot walk alone. We are keen to enter a dialogue with all parties of the esports community and also international sports community, national, regional and international federations, communities and developers. To coin the motto from our chess colleagues Gens Una Sumus, We are One Family.”